All About Sports Bras

Why are sports bras important?

Proper support during athletic activity is crucial to the health of your breasts and to your personal comfort.

As the breast tissue moves, it strains the ligaments that are responsible for holding the tissue in place. Over time, repeated strain will allow those ligaments to weaken and may reduce firmness in the breast tissue.

A properly fitted sports bra will hold the breast in place, reduce bounce, and give you the freedom to run, jump, and move freely without discomfort. No matter your size, you can find a sports bra that holds your breasts in place so you can focus on your sport or activity.

How should a sports bra fit?

The fit of a sports bra determines the amount of support. For maximum support, you will want underwires that properly fit the breasts, a seamed cup to both compress and encapsulate each breast individually, and a tight band with adjustable straps.  For lower impact activity, you will still want to fit the band snugly, but less-structured cups will hold the breast tissue in place.

Sports bras naturally run tighter than most other bras, so you can still order your true size (unless otherwise noted in the fitting information). That secure fit is important to the overall support and for keeping strength in the bra after repeated wear.

Should my sports bra pull over my head?

For lightweight support, pull-over sports bras are up to the task. But for medium or high impact, they are simply not fitted enough in the band.  If a bra can fit over your shoulders, it will not be able to sufficiently hold the breast tissue during high impact activity. If you need stronger support, adding back hooks, underwires, and/or seams will give you better hold.