How Do I Take My Own Measurements?

drawing of model shows dashed line around rib cageMeasuring is a great place to start when figuring out your bra size, but keep in mind that the actual fit of a bra will tell you much more.

Measuring band size

The first measurement to take is around your chest, just under the breasts, at the very top of your rib cage. This measurement corresponds to the band, or number, portion of the bra size.

Take this measurement with a bra on, but without a shirt and be sure the tape is snug across your body where it moves slightly when you take a deep breath.

Measuring cup size

The next measurement is for your cup size, which corresponds to the letter portion of the bra size.

drawing of model shows dashed line across breastFor this measurement, you will measure each breast with a bra on.  Run the measuring tape from the center of your chest, across the nipple, and all the way back to the underarm where the breast tissue stops. Measure both sides and take the average measurement between the two.  If you find a difference of more than 2 inches, email us and we will help you find a style to best fit you.

Enter the number in the appropriate areas below to find your suggested bra size.  Remember, the fit is what really matters, so use this size as a starting point and adjust as needed.


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