How to Choose Your Size: Grouped Sizing

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Grouped sizes (Small, Medium, etc.) are occasionally used with wire free bras. While they don’t give you as many options for precise fit, you can still find great support and style from these bras.

What size am I?

Grouped sizes are based on your regular bra band size.  Use the chart below to find the right size for you. Keep in mind that sports bras are meant to fit snugly and sleep bras should fit loosely, so adjust accordingly if you are between sizes.

Normal Band SizeGrouped Size
Normal Band SizeGrouped Size

Grouped size bras are loosely based on a C to D cup, so keep that in mind when choosing size.  Larger cups can still get a good lift, but once you get past a DDD/E cup, you can expect to lose support.  Cup sizes A and B also get good support and will fit well in most cases.