Quick Fixes to the Most Common Bra Complaints

My wire digs into my breast all day

Go up in the cup size!

Most women are wearing a cup size that is simply too small, but it is easily fixed by going up in the cup. Of course, you also need to check your band size to be sure it is holding the bra in place.

I used to love my bra, but now it hurts

Are you washing it every day?

If not, you should! Bras are delicate, but are damaged much more by the wear and tear of being on your body all day than by washing.  Washing properly will actually help bring the spring back to your bra by rinsing all of the oils, deodorants, perspiration, and other particles out of the fabric to restore it to it’s original flexibility.  Check out our care instructions for more information and wash your bra!

I am constantly pulling the back down

Go tighter in the band!

The easiest sizing mistake to make is getting a band that is too large around.  The band should not move up and down your back and being snug is what holds it in place.

My breast keep dropping out the bottom of my cups

First, go down in the band and then go up in the cup.

If the bra can’t get down on your body and stay there, it’s too loose.  Many women make this mistake when trying to find the right cup size, thinking they will have more room when the band is larger.  While that is true, it creates a new set of problems and makes it impossible for the bra to be positioned properly and support you well.

My breast tissue is spilling out the top of my cup (aka the double boob)

Go up in the cup!

Your breast should always have controlled support, even in push up styles.  If your breast tissue is “bubbling” over the cup, it is simply too small.

My bra straps dig and give me grooves in my shoulders

Go down in the band!

Shoulder straps digging in is one of the most common complaints, but it has a surprising and simple fix. Get a smaller band size. The straps should be responsible for no more than 10-20% of the overall support.  If they are having to hold more than that, they tend to pull forward, causing too much pressure on the shoulders.  With a firmly fitted band, the frame can take it’s full share of support and leave the straps to just hold the bra in place.  For women with particularly heavy breasts, a tighter band may not be enough (although it is still recommended) and our strap pads should help.

My wires dig into my ribs

This is most commonly caused by a poor fit.

The pressure you feel is from the weight of the breast tissue pushing on the wire, not the tightness of the bra.  To get better support, go down in the band and make sure to get a proper fit in the cup.  Most women go up in the band size, because it feels tight, but that won’t solve the problem.  Get a snug fit to keep the band and wires above your rib cage.

I have gaps or wrinkles in the cups

First, check the band and make sure the bra is tight enough to stretch the cups across the breast.

Then make sure the breast tissue is fully lifted into the cups and in front of the wire.  If the wire is in the proper place, you’ll need to look for a different style of bra that isn’t cut as full.  Do not go down in the cup if the wire is fitting well.

Always keep in mind the different parts of a bra work together.  If you change one thing, it will change how everything else fits.